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Elevate Clinical Trials

2020 brought a host of challenges to nearly every industry worldwide.  The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a need to push for more de-centralized clinical trials that would enable clinical research to continue even in the face of this enormous challenge.  Elevate Clinical Trials is an app designed to aid in this process of creating a remote clinical trial experience.  From finding local clinical trials to wirelessly connecting to bluetooth medical devices, this app helps user find, participate, and keep track of the trials they are participating in, and helps the host of trial to collect the necessary information while minimizing the health risk of in-person visits. 


Creating a detailed user profile and connecting with an insurance provider are necessary first steps for this app, to be sure the information collected is accurate and diverse.


Whether it is locating trials in your area, keeping track of your weekly "visits" or contacting a doctor, Elevate Clinical Trials is a portal to staying on top of your health right from the palm of your hand.

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