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Maker Match

Maker Match is an app designed to unite makers of all sorts in order to give entrepreneurs and small businesses a leg up in the prototyping process of product development.  With years of industry experience developing products and working to build a supply chain that can successfully execute a given design, I have learned that a good, timely, prototype can be the key to landing sales, arriving upon final molds, and allowing the design department to ideate and create accurate planograms all at the same time.  Maker Match taps into the "gig economy" and will help its users get things done!


Most of the time prototyping is a process that follows the age-old saying, "we need it yesterday".  This is why the main screen offers its users a list of printers and modelers based in their immediate area. 


Request quotes from makers and modelers that meet your specific needs, upload your files for easy file transfer, and manage your own maker profile with ease.

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